This Is My Beloved The Story of Emilia Baeyertz,
Jewish Christian Lady Evangelist. 

By Betty Baruch and Amanda Coverdale.

Published in 2017 by Emilia Baeyertz Society. ISBN 9780994572400 Paperback 368 pages 216 mm x 140 mm.
Distributed by Ingram.

About the Book

Jewish Christian Lady Evangelist. Combinations of these words can cause a fuss. A little over a century ago, even more so. Back then, crowds of thousands of women and men, of all classes, in cities, towns and villages across Australia, New Zealand, North America and Britain, flocked to hear Emilia Baeyertz tell her story and exhort them to follow Jesus the Messiah.

For decades, a ticket to hear Mrs Baeyertz was one of the hottest going. Yet, Emilia has been largely forgotten, even among those many whose spiritual ancestors found new lives through her message.

We have no sound recording, yet we do have her voice. She published her own addresses and biography. Everywhere she spoke, the newspapers recorded what she had to say and how her audiences responded. Drawing form many of those records, and from what we have had to imagine, we present to you Emilia’s remarkable true story of romance, tragedy and hope as an historical novel.

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See also This Is My Beloved Companion which helps you delve deeper into the life and times of Mrs Baeyertz with historical extracts, reports, letters, interviews, pictures, addresses, list of characters, a detailed chronology and notes.

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