The Truth About Kieta
January 1942

By John V Plunkett AM.

Published in 2005 by John V Plunkett. ISBN 0646452002 Paperback 213 pages 206mm x 145mm.

About the Book

In February 1942, 15 men felt relieved and victorious when their leaking 9 and a half ton ketch Bilua sailed into Port Moresby after 14 days and 900 miles in hostile waters. When they escaped Kieta on Bougainville island, they knew that Rabaul had been attacked by the Japanese and had every reason to believe Kieta was next.

However, the Japanese did not take the island for another six months. Rumours began to circulate and become the accepted history. The survivors, including the authors’ uncle, would not talk about what really happened.

You be the historical detective. Consider the conflicting accounts in original cablegrams, diaries, letters and reports of those dramatic days. Did the District Officer abandon his post too early? Was there panic and fighting for places on the boat? Were they cowards? Had the Japanese landed?

Separate fact and rumour. Analyse motive and character. Compare evidence. Decide for yourself the most likely story.

CATTAC PRESS edited, designed, laid out and created maps for The Truth About Kieta.

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