We offer a variety of services from research on your project through to following a printer’s specifications while preparing your document for publication.

Select the Service you are seeking from the list below.

We can assess a manuscript to suggest how it can be improved.

We have experience in writing a variety of non-fiction materials and we offer our skills to those who need someone to write their material.

We can help you by Copy Editing, Language Editing, Substantive Editing, Structural Editing and Proof-reading your manuscript. It is important that you understand what you want an editor to do to your material so that you and others involved in the project agree on the tasks to be undertaken.

An editor can also, on behalf of the author, seek permission from those who own the copyright privileges to reproduce text, maps, images or music in your manuscript. We can also apply for an ISBN and a barcode on behalf of the author. Furthermore, we can work with your cartographer, designer and printer or commission professionals to create maps or a book cover or print the manuscript.

We can work with your publisher. Our partner, CATTAC PRESS can arrange for printing, distribution and bookshop sales of your book.

We can offer skills in conducting a variety of administration tasks on your behalf.

We offer our research skills to find information on your behalf.

We want to see the manuscript before we give an estimate on the cost of the work required.