The Last Twenty Three Eventful Years 1983 -2006.
Commissioning Editor: Ed Woods

Published in 2006 by Rotary Club of Coburg Inc.
Spiral bound. 161 pages 297mm x 210mm.

About the Book

To worthily celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the Club, we felt it was necessary to produce an account of the thought, planning and the collective expres­sions of the human energies of its members between the years 1983 and 2006. These people have created a vibrant Club which has made great con­tributions to society: an achievement of which we should be proud.

Although the account only covers the last twenty three years, it is written as an extension to The History of The Rotary Club of Coburg: The First Thirty Years by Geoff Browne. Together they provide history for the Club’s first fifty years. This document will also provide its own contribution to the celebra­tions of the Golden Jubilee.

The structure of the story will be unique. Each chapter will cover three years with a significant input to the story by each of the twenty three presidents, as they tell the story for their year. There will be other contributions written by different individuals to round out the story.