The publisher has to find an editor, a printer, a marketer and a distributor. The publisher also pays these professionals for the work they do on the manuscript. For most of the books we work on the publisher is the author. We can help with some of these tasks such as editing and finding partners to prepare content for the book such as maps or illustrations.

We can liaise with your printer or use our print partners to prepare a manuscript in a format that can be readily used by a printer.

Sales and Distribution
Our print partners can also arrange for books to be supplied to you in bulk or to a bookshop or directly to your customers from well-known Internet bookshops.

Market, Publicise or Advertise
We do not market, publicise or advertise the book. You need to arrange for publicity such as putting the book on the front page of an on-line bookshop, arrange for advertisements to be run in various media and hold book launches.

Bookshop chains that operate across Australia obtain their stock through the network of publishers and book distributors. Promote using your own social media platform or partner with others. Independent bookshops, local newsagents and specialist societies (such as historical groups) may be willing to sell books on behalf of self-publishers.

Please use the Contact Us page to tell us about your project and explain the sort of help you want.