ishah magazine
Exploring issues for Christian women

by Ishah Inc.

Published quarterly from 2001 to 2009 by Ishah Inc. Paper and PDF. 8 pages 210mm x 297mm.

About the Magazine

The aims of ishah magazine:
To value the Bible as God’s inspired Word to us and the ultimate authority on matters of faith and practice, through thinking hard about how the Bible applies to our everyday lives.

To encourage women to grow in godliness and maturity in Christ.

To equip Christian women to be creative, confident and effective in communicating the gospel.

To give women in a variety of roles and situations the forum to think about contemporary issues from a framework of Biblical theology and to articulate their thinking in a manner that stimulates themselves and others to live lives that are more faithful to God’s Word.

ishah magazine was published on paper and PDF quarterly from 2001 to 2009 by Ishah Inc., a network of Christian women around Australia who paid for subscriptions and donated money, time and skills to read, discuss, write, edit, layout and post.

Amanda Coverdale of CATTAC Press was editor, subeditor, subscription manager or editorial committee member for some issues.

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