North Queensland in Black and White
A social history with stories, views and archaeology

by Patsy Coverdale.

Second edition published in 2016 by CATTAC PRESS.

ISBN 9780994585707 Paperback 196 pages 216 mm x 140 mm.
Distributed by Ingram. Available from UnderTheSun and these Internet bookshops.

About the Book

Recommended reading for anyone visiting or living in North Queensland. Meet the Bama people who have lived in the rainforest for thousands of years and see how they get on with the newcomers who have lived there for mere hundreds. Patsy Coverdale has drawn from stories, interviews, research, experiences, photographs, maps, sociology, history and prehistory to create a unique panorama.

This detailed exploration of the relationship between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians in North Queensland covers:

  • the lifestyle, myths and history of the indigenous rainforest people, the Bama, who lived near Cairns
  • archaeological discoveries about the pre-history of North Queensland including geology and Aboriginal culture
  • interviews with indigenous people of the Cairns region
  • changes in Cairns since it was founded
  • findings of anthropological studies of the Aboriginal people of the Cairns region
  • newspaper stories from 1800s of the white settlers and their use of the land
  • the Australian government’s policies about indigenous peoples in Queensland
  • use of mission stations to accommodate and help displaced Aboriginal people
  • maps and photographs.

‘We need this book. It bridges the big gap between children’s stories and tertiary studies. It develops source material of culture now dispersed. We need to document these for Aborigines and for people in general.’
–Professor Chris Anderson, Anthropologist

Second edition
CATTAC PRESS edited, laid out, designed and proofread the text, map and cover and arranged for the cover layout, printing and distribution of the first (MOQ Books 2011) and second (CATTAC PRESS 2016) editions of North Queensland in Black and White.