The Roads of Melbourne on the Grids of Robert Hoddle
by Garth Coverdale.

Second Edition. Published in 2014 by CATTAC PRESS.
Poster. 591mm x 841mm.

About the Map

In 1837, Robert Hoddle surveyed two grids so the NSW government could sell land at Melbourne – the Hoddle Grid aligned to the Yarra River and a grid dividing the surrounding land into square mile sections.

Hoddle chose John Batman’s house on Batman’s Hill for the origin of his mile grid. He oriented this grid to the flagstaff on Flagstaff Hill. This was on Magnetic North from the origin.

The tracks, roads and highways shown on this map follow some of those section lines. The gaps and distortions in this network were caused by roads that avoid natural obstacles, such as rivers, bays, swamps and hills, and road subject to artificial constraints, such as riparian rights, hasty surveys, Special Surveys and a True North grid in the east.

We created this map to better understand history, direction and distance as we traverse Melbourne.

Available from Maps Books and Travel Guides or UnderTheSun.

We would love to publish our map at a scale of 1 to 1. For that we simply require someone willing to sponsor an art installation the size of Melbourne. This is not as impossible as it sounds! If you know of any relevant changes in the road network since publication, or have other please let us know.

This entire project was conceived, researched, designed and published by CATTAC PRESS.

Contact Us with any queries and to let us know what roads have since changed or were omitted!