Bus Stop on a Strange Loop
​by Shaune Lafferty Webb.

Published in 2011 by Winterbourne. ISBN 9780980749793
Paperback 168 pages 233mm x 155mm.

About the Book

When brothers Nicky and Ethan escape the degraded, dangerous world of the future, they are seeking only sanctuary and peace. All they want is to leave their past behind them, but Ethan’s unique talent, the instrument of their escape, means the past can never be forgotten — Nicky and Ethan have been followed…

Schoolteacher Olivia lives a lonely but safe life in the home of her late foster parents, a home she is about to lose. After an unsettling encounter with her new neighbours and a series of puzzling break-ins, Olivia is inadvertently drawn into the brothers’ lives, and her own past is brought into sharp relief by her discovery of a cache of her foster mother’s diaries, which raise questions about her birth parents. The deeper she delves into the diaries, the closer she draws to unravelling an old mystery that will taint her relationship with Nicky and Ethan and challenge her perception of reality.

As Olivia and the brothers are about to discover, sometimes paths intersect more than once.

Amanda Coverdale of CATTAC PRESS provided the first edit of Bus Stop on a Strange Loop.

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