As It Happened Serving as a missionary nurse in Balimo and Mapodo from 1965 to 1993

By Valerie Andrew.

Published 2012 by Valerie Andrew. Paperback 207 pages 206mm x 145mm.

About the Book

In 1956, Valerie Andrew began a journey that took her from Ararat in country Victoria to Balimo in Papua New Guinea.

Valerie training in General Nursing, Midwidery and Child Welfare and gained a Diploma of Theology, before travelling to papua New Guinea to serve the 92,000 people inhabiting the remote Western Province. For twenty-eight years, Valerie was part of a team belonging to the interdenominational Asia Pacific Chrtian Mission (formely UFM).

In her memoir, Valerie tells of her work with leprosy patients, her adventures during medical patrols and immunisation programmes for children in remote villages and general medical work.

Valerie also explains how she trained Papua New Guinean nurses and administration staff to work in the health services of the Evangelical Church of Papua New Guinea. She also worked alongside the Provincial Government authorities in health matters and conducted in-service training for all health workers in the management of leprosy and tuberculosis.

This memoir highlights life as it happened in Balimo and Mapodo over twenty-eight years.

CATTAC PRESS edited the text and maps for As It Happened.