A Leap Into Africa
Zimbabwe: from multicultural harmony to the tyranny of Robert Mugabe

by Ramnarain Subrun.

Published in 2008 by Sid Harta Publishers. ISBN 9781921362576 Paperback 144 pages 216mm x 124mm.

About the Book

The despotic rule of Robert Mugabe inspired Ramnarain Subrun to record the societal harmony and successful reconciliation that occurred in Zimbabwe during the 1980s. His anecdotes compare that idyllic life with the harsh realities of Zimbabwe today. When the opportunity to teach in Zimbabwe presented itself in 1983, Ramnarain grabbed it without hesitation, despite unfavourable publicity that was circulating about African nations.

‘Before setting foot in Zimbabwe, I had read many reports about criminals in Africa. One report explained how some Zimbabweans kidnapped and murdered three European tourists in 1982. Initially I held some uncertainty about my adventure, so I trod the African soil with trepidation. However, it proved unnecessary.

‘Within a few weeks I started living a normal life. My wife and children moved from Mauritius to share the adventure with me. My children integrated into the multi-cultural Zimbabwean society without any difficulties.’

He travelled extensively in southern Africa, and witnessed events that were unduly magnified by the media. He found these events were inconsistent with the stigma attached to Africa and its people. Having mingled with Zimbabweans of all colours and walks of life, the author describes his appreciation of their feelings and thoughts in this book.

CATTAC PRESS edited A Leap Into Africa.

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